8150 West 185th Street (Suite G)

Tinley Park, IL 60487

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​In the Summer of 2017, the 40 E. Delaware Condominium hired J.Gill and Company to replace the vaulted sidewalk topping slab at the corner of Delaware Place and Rush Street. The existing buried waterproofing system had failed and was also removed. Following structural concrete slab repairs, a new hot-applied waterproofing system was installed. A new concrete topping slab was then poured back. This work was completed in 2 phases. Phase 1 was along Delaware Place, Phase 2 was along Rush Street. The phasing required careful planning and coordination as the only accessible entry for the condominium is located off of Delaware Place and the retail store on Rush St. only had one entrance. Also included in the scope of work was injection to cracks found in the basement foundation and the application of a crystalline waterproofing to the basement foundation walls. After years of leaking in the basement area below, the vaulted sidewalk and foundation are now properly waterproofed and allows the condominium to utilize the space below for tenant storage once again. 

Project: 40 E. Delaware Condominium (Chicago, IL)