Project: Presence Resurrection Hospital Parking Garage

​Presence Resurrection Medical Center serves many communities on the Northwest side of Chicago.  In addition, the hospital offers many outpatient, rehabilitation and support services as well.  These services, along with the many medical students on campus, greatly strains the available parking in its main parking structure.  The heavy usage, along with years of weather related deterioration, caused this precast double tee deck to require shoring at multiple locations on every one of its four levels.  For this reason, the hospital realized a major restoration project would be required to bring this parking structure back from the brink. 

J. Gill and Company was awarded the $5.3M contract in March of 2016 and work is currently on-going.  The exposed roof levels of the garage were at an advanced state of deterioration and required removal and replacement of over 25K SF of precast flanges located along the precast double tee joints.  These repairs required shoring and re-shoring to support the framing for the full depth replacement.  Once completed, a full vehicular traffic coating system will be installed to protect the new concrete repairs. Other repairs include:

  • ·         Wall, column & beam repairs
  • ·         Column strengthening by increasing the column size at 39 locations
  • ·         Double tee stem repairs and encasements
  • ·         New expansion joints
  • ·         Vehicular traffic coating and sealer
  • ·         Sealant replacement
  • ·         Door and frame replacement at stair towers
  • ·         Removal and replacement of stairs and landings in the garage stair towers
  • ·         New vehicular traffic barrier system
  •           New steel handrails

​This project requires close coordination with the parking and facilities staff, as the garage remains open during these repairs.  The project will be completed in late 2017.

8150 West 185th Street (Suite G)

Tinley Park, IL 60487

P: (708) 596-4455

​F: (708) 904-4175